Sicily is rich in ancient traditions. Recipes are usually handed down from one generation to the other within the family, some old recipes have even been found in poems and literature, which have become an integral part of this island’s cultural background.

Whether you reach Sicily by sea crossing the Messina strait or flying directly to one of the airports on the island, you will be seduced by this fascinating land of crossroads nestled in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sicilian traditional cuisine continues to rely on few key local ingredients: such as shellfish, citrus fruits, tuna, swordfish, pistachios, almonds and ricotta cheese.

Some elder chefs, probably, are still using their grandmother’s recipes to  prepare pasta alla Norma (pasta with  deep-fried  eggplants); someone tells that this is a poetic imagery of Mount Etna: the red  tomatoes  are lava, the eggplants are cinder, the ricotta is the snow.
But there is more to say about Sicilian products. During a trip on the island you can taste the bitter-sweet flavour of chocolate of  Modica, with Aztec origin, or try the famous and precious pistachios of Bronte that can be eaten as pesto with the busiate, a type of pasta that resemble a telephone cord.

Sicily, a warm island with many facets. Its flavours will take you through a journey back in time, a past made of different cultures and numerous civilizations crossing path, merging and sharing this land.

Sicily is the island of architectural gems: in a short walk around Palermo you’ll see Arab domes and arches, Byzantine mosaics and Norman palace walls. Driving around to south-east Sicily you’ll find a stunning variety of baroque architectural masterpieces and finally throughout the island you’ll find yourself wondering at the evocative remains of Arab and Norman castles.

Visit Sicily, discover its beauties and distinctive flavours, or find them in our shop.