Salt and windmills in Sicily

Sicily is famous for its deep blue sea, the delicious food and its ancient history. There is still one reason to visit it: the windmills and the salt pans close to Trapani.

The Sicilian Salt Road goes from Trapani to Marsala and the beauty of its panorama is made by the many mirror-like water panels and the windmills, mentioned as some of the most beautiful in Europe.

How the salt extraction works

Mining salt from water is a slow process, using the evaporation of the water in the flat marshlands of Trapani’s coast during the hot and dry Sicilian summers.

The extraction technique was known to the ancient Egyptians and it dates in Sicily from the time of the Greeks and Romans.

Nowadays this beautiful and white land is a natural reserve managed by WWF, where you can see a lot of pink flamingos.


The beautiful windmills you can see among the salt pans witness the ancient work of extraction. They were used to grind salt and to pump the sea water from one basin to another. There are two different types of windmills: the Dutch one, with trapezoidal wooden blades, and the American one, with a zinc-plated metal sheet.

To see the salt pans and the windmills you need to book a guided tour calling the phone number: +39 0923867700. A two hours walk to impress that wonder in your mind. The best season for a visit is from February to May or from September to November. During the Summer in fact some areas are closed to protect the nesting fauna.

Whole salt: good and healthy

The whole salt contains 82 elements, essential for the body wellness. Those elements are lost with the refining.

Salt Flower (Fior di sale) is the best salt you can choose. It is a naturally rich source of magnesium and iodine and it is created only with hot sun and little wind: its crystals are harvested by hand from the salt pans surface.

Whole salt can be used of course to cook but for the beauty as well. To avoid the skin ageing, add 1 kg of salt in a bath tub full of hot water and relax in for half hour. If you want healthy teeth, every morning make some rinsings with a water-salt solution. In the end, you can use whole salt as a scrub to brighten your face skin.

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