Piedmontese Experience Box – Aperitif


  • 2 Piedmontese Crispbreads, Oliveri, 100gr
  • 1 Organic IGP Hazelnuts, Salted and Toasted, Altalanga, 100gr
  • 1 Hot Dipping Sauce, Oliveri, 100gr
  • 1 Green Olives Stuffed with Cheese and Truffles, 190gr
  • 1 Diva Gold Beer, Gilac, 750ml
  • 1 Ventuno VR Glasses

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(*) Are you an abstainer? Contact us for the box without wine/beer

The products

Piedmontese Crispbreads

Piedmontese Crispbreads, Oliveri (2 packets, 100gr each): Characteristic of northern Monferrato, these are delicious, square crispbreads from select wheat strains, both savory and delicate, crunchy and friable, with a fragrance reminiscent of Genoese focaccia.

Ingredients: Type “0” wheat, water, extra virgin olive oil, barley malt extract in paste form, yeast.

Organic IGP Hazelnuts, Salted and Toasted

Organic IGP Hazelnuts, Salted and Toasted, Altalanga (100gr): Exclusively from the Tonda Gentile variety, which hails from the northern Langhe area and is considered the world’s finest hazelnut thanks to its firm, crunchy pulp, and intense, persistent aromas and flavors.

Ingredients: Organic, toasted Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts of the “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” variety.

Hot Dipping Sauce

Hot Dipping Sauce, Oliveri (100gr): A surprising blend of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and anchovies constitutes the Piedmontese dish per eccellenza. The recipe dates back to the Middle Ages, when bagna cauda was first used to celebrate the year’s new wine. Centuries later, its strong character and intense fragrance make any dip shine and sing with flavor.

Ingredients: Anchovy fillets, garlic (100% Italian), extra virgin olive oil (100% Italian), salt. Preservative: Lactic acid.

Green Olives Stuffed with Cheese and Truffles

Green Olives Stuffed with Cheese and Truffles, Oliveri (190gr): Sweet, pulpy and tender, these pitted green olives are stuffed with tasty cheese and fragrant truffle, providing finger-licking delicious finger food.

Ingredients: Green olives, sunflower oil, cheese (milk, rennet, salt, potassium sorbate) (20%), black truffle (Tuber aestivum) (2%), truffle flavoring, lactic acid.

Diva Gold Beer

Diva Gold Beer, Gilac (750ml): Strong Ale, classically fermented prior to a second fermentation in the bottle followed by remuage and dégorgement, and finally a third, slow fermentation where the beer is further fine-tuned. This extraordinary, artisanal process – inspired by that of Metodo Classico sparkling wines – yields very fine perlage and elegant, well balanced flavors and fragrance, with pleasing, fruity notes and outstanding persistence.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, hops, yeasts.