Piedmont is the second largest Italian Region, probably the most elegant, famous for Fiat cars and its excellent wines. In its capital Turin, from where most of the touristic tours of the Region begin, the influence of neighboring France is palpable as the Savoy family, the last kings of Italy who lived here, left a regal aura in this area.

The diversity of the Piedmontese landscapes is incredible: it goes from the snow-covered Alps with their famous ski resorts to the rice fields. The Alps, in fact, form the background for the vast and picturesque valleys.

The landscapes of the Langhe and Monferrato are instead a succession of cultivated hills and vineyards dotted with towns and castles while Lake Maggiore, with its ancient villas and beautiful gardens, offers a lyrical and enchanting landscape. The Residences of Real Casa SavoiaSacri Monti represent some finest examples of Italian cultural heritage linked to the noble roots of this Region and to the history of the first capital of Italy, Turin. Nature and history are not the only reasons to visit the region. Food and wine of Piedmont are also very famous and its excellent products – from rice to white truffles – are sought after by gourmets all over the world. Unchanged despite tourism, Piedmont offers hidden gems scattered everywhere in its territory.

So come and discover Piedmont choosing the area you prefer and do not forget to taste its typical flavours: truffles, hazelnuts, chocolate, cheese and of course, the famous bagna cauda (garlic and anchovy sauce).