Modica, the city of chocolate


Modica is a natural pink stone theater and fascinates you the first glance. It is located in the province of Ragusa and dominates deep canyons, so-called caves.

Some 700 caves were surveyed, once inhabited; nowadays many houses of the old town are the extension of those ancient caves. The best way to discover Modica is to get lost in the harmonious labyrinths of alleyways dominated by wrought-iron terraces adorned with colorful flowers.

The city

The Counts of Moscow, Chiaramonte, Chiabrera and Henriquez decided to enhance the city building several Sicilian baroque churches, that are typical of Modica. These buildings do not overlook the squares, but stand on top of high stairways molded on the slopes of the hills and are all decorated with rich limestone ornaments enlighted by the blinding sunlight of Sicily.

The Modican artisan tradition is very important: embroidery, wrought-ironwork, precious carpentry, stonecutters that have helped making the city an architectural jewel and art of “carradori” (the builders of the famous Sicilian carts).

The architecture looks like an old and fashionable lace made by the grandmothers, that give this city a secret and intimate soul.

The chocolate

Here you can also find the famous chocolate of Modica, unique for its flavor and consistency.

As the Aztecs did, it is a granular, very crunchy chocolate and it is made by a cold processing technique.

The Spaniards have taught Sicilians how to grind the cocoa seeds in a stone mill so as to squeeze the cocoa butter, obtaining the typical granular paste. Then, at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, the paste is mixed with cane sugar and spices. The simplicity of processing and the complete absence of extraneous substances (vegetable fats, lecithin e.g.) make this product unique and precious. Like its recipe, even the typical shape is the same since hundreds years. This type of chocolate can be consumed in pieces, melted and drunk hot, used in semifreddi (italian dessert) preparations but also in flakes with savory cheeses: trust me, try it!

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