Hand-crafted in sustainable wood, Ventuno Experience Boxes are veritable treasure chests for gourmets, enclosing Italy’s finest regional wine & food specialties: products and ingredients that hail from certified crops, boutique estates and master craftsmen, expertly paired for an immersive experience of the aromas and flavors of Italian tradition and terroir.

There’s a reason behind the name: each box supplies a multisensory journey to savor and experience… Delicacies that represent an ancient heritage, complemented by an innovative VR viewer and especially designed multimedia content to ensure you enjoy a virtual tour of Italian regions, living and breathing the landscapes and getting to know the people as you taste their labor of love.

There are three Experience Boxes per region, one for each of the classic, convivial moments – aperitif, lunch/dinner and dessert: a triptych of all-Italian excellence and authenticity.



Our Experience Boxes are the ideal gift for gourmets and anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Aperitif, lunch/dinner and dessert: three perfect presents, as exclusive as they are unique and surprising, combining the pristine authenticity of the Italian heritage and traditional flavors with high-tech innovation, thanks to the VR viewer and multimedia content of each Box.

You can have your pick among a variety of regional experiences suitable for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, an anniversary or birthday… Romantic or festive, family-minded or friendly, every mood and every moment has the Box that’s closest to its heart.

Should you wish to add a personal message, you can rely on us to print the card for you and place it in your chosen Experience Box.

And if you are not quite sure which one to pick, no worries! You can purchase one of our gift cards and leave the choice to the recipient.