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Our food boxes contain the flavours and scents of our Bel paese

Each box contains different products for an endless journey of tasting: from the classic busiate pasta from Trapani to the Piedmontese krumiri biscuits. Each regional food box contains 6 products combined to recreate a special Italian experience.

We select only the best to satisfy your palate

Each food box is composed of excellent products selected by our experts from the best local producers, giving a well-rounded experience of Italian food and wine. Inside each box you will find more information about the producers chosen by Ventuno.

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A different experience for every moment of the day

Choose between three different classic moments of Italian conviviality – aperitif, lunch / dinner and dessert – and enjoy our delicacies in good company and in the tranquillity of your home. To get the most out from your Italian gourmet experience, follow our tips on how to prepare and match the products contained in each food box

Discover amazing Italian places and landscapes

For an immersive experience, download the App and use the special viewer contained in our food boxes to visit the places where these Italian specialties are created.

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