What is EVO oil: uses and benefits of this “liquid gold”


A healthy diet is the first and fundamental step for a balanced lifestyle, which helps maintain physical and mental well-being. Extra virgin olive oil has a pivotal role in a healthy diet, but what is olive oil, really? Is it only used in the kitchen? How to determine its quality?

What is EVO oil?

The acronym EVO indicates extra virgin olive oil and was created by the agronomist Marco Epifani to better distinguish this type of olive oil from non-extra virgin olive oil. The differences between the two products, in fact, are many and one of the most important characteristics of EVO is that the olive oil is obtained from olives that have never touched the ground, have not undergone any processing and are worked exclusively with mechanical methods. Olive oil, on the other hand, is composed of virgin olive oil and other refined oils.

Cos'è l'olio evo

Wellness at the table

The many properties of extra virgin olive oil help keep the body healthy, with taste. Rich in monounsaturated acids olive oil helps maintain high levels of HDL (good cholesterol), essential for keeping the arteries clean. It also helps regulate blood pressure and benefits those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. Obviously a source of fat, albeit beneficial, it is not recommended to exceed the daily dose.

How to choose the EVO oil

On the nose, the oil must recall the aroma of green olives, similar to freshly cut grass. If it is lacking this aroma it is likely to be poor quality olive oil. To the palate it must be slightly spicy and bitter: this is due to polyphenols, which protect the product from oxidation (therefore protecting us from premature aging). Finally, it is essential to choose a cold-pressed oil (the temperature of squeezing and extraction must never exceed 30°C) so that its organoleptic properties remain intact.

Not just for cooking: 5 beauty tips

The EVO oil is not only good for you when ingested, but can also be a precious remedy for the beauty of your skin and hair. A few tips?

  • Helps to soften, strengthen and moisturize dry hair. Just apply it directly on your tips or add a little to your shampoo;
  • Relieves inflammation; polyphenols are natural anti-inflammatories and a specific phenolic compound, namely the oleocanthal, is known to act similarly to ibuprofen in the body;
  • Helps to protect the sun-damaged skin, just apply it as a cream;
  • It is useful as a scrub; to make an illuminating scrub for your lips, just mix EVO oil, brown sugar and honey;
  • Amazing as a make-up remover, especially for removing waterproof products without causing irritation.

What is EVO oil then, if not an elixir of beauty and goodness?

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