Tips and tricks to prepare the perfect Christmas aperitif


There is no happier time than the Christmas holidays. Every moment is good to get together under the decorations to chat, share wishes and gifts, and maybe make a toast, while eating something special. To avoid the burden of a long lunch or a sophisticated dinner, opt for a buffet aperitif, but remember that there are some rules to make the occasion unique and special.

Traditional or modern table?

The layout of the table, whether it is a seated meal or a buffet, is of fundamental importance for a successful outcome, so here are some ideas:

  • Tradition lovers choose coordinated red or gold tablecloth, napkins and dishes with a centrepiece that includes classic Christmas symbols such as mistletoe, holly or small Christmas stars;
  • For something simpler, you can opt for natural colours with a themed setting: ecru tablecloth and decorations with star anise, cinnamon or orange slices, which can also be used to create delicious napkin rings (just glue them to raffia threads with a little hot glue);
  • For elegance go for a full white layout. The tablecloth, of course, but also the crockery must be in immaculate ceramic or glass. To enrich it all, old lace, lots of flowers and candles.

aperitivo natale

Candles, in general, should never be missing: they create the right atmosphere for this special occasion. Choose the best quality red, white, gold or silver, arrange them in glass jars, so that they can burn in total safety while you entertain your guests.

The latest trends

If you like to keep up with the new trends, you should know that for Christmas 2018 the must-have colours for decorations and table are: green moss, amaranth red and a delicious rose quartz. As for materials, metals like bronze and copper should be present, but also terracotta has carved a place for itself.

The right atmosphere

To create the right mood, music is a must. Opt for something classic or more modern; the important thing is that you carefully choose the melody that will accompany you during the aperitif, also depending on the number of people attending. If you only have a few guests, opt for more lively music. For larger parties play something in the background to avoid interfering with conversation.

Gifts – yes or no?

When you invite people over for a special occasion it is courteous to think of a small gift for each guest. For some closer friends you may have prepared a more important gift, but it is recommended that everyone receives something. Small delicacies such as taralli or homemade biscuits, chocolates and spices will surely please everyone.

Buffet: simple but tasty

With an aperitif small special nibbles are expected that are not usually served a traditional meal. There must be a choice, so that everyone can find something to their liking (especially when catering for vegetarians and vegans), but without forgetting that what makes a meal unique is the quality of the products. It should also be remembered that on these occasions you eat standing up, so you have to think of something that can be enjoyed in one bite.
Some examples? Raw vegetables to dip in pastes such as chickpea hummus, small bruschetta with tomato or Tuscan liver paté, mini quiches, smoked fish bites, a classic gourmet panettone, small portions of velvety or cereal soups. In short, simply unleash your imagination trying to use seasonal products or quality products, because we are what we eat, even at Christmas.
And what to drink? Bubbles for everyone, of course.

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Perfect Christmas aperitif

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