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Virtual Reality: ein immersives Erlebnis durch Italien

The Italian Peninsula is a fascinating paradox: taking up just 0.20% of Earth’s surface, it ranks first in UNESCO World Heritage sites. In other words, it has the highest density of beauty and history imaginable, in a country that is smaller than California. To us, of course, it is quite simply home, and we long ago chose to open a door into our home, welcoming you inside… Wherever you may be on the world map.

How? With our Experience Boxes. We decided that purveying the honor roll in Italian wines and gourmet specialties was not enough, and sought out the high-tech tool that would best bring you close to the terroir and tradition that have nurtured our products. 

This tool is Virtual Reality.

What is Virtual Reality

An immersive tool that can ‘teleport’ user elsewhere, thanks to 360-degree, 3D vision. The ideal means to reach our goal. Thanks to a dedicated VR viewer, we can reproduce the chosen location and ‘teleport’ user to it, so they can explore and savor every flavor and feature. 

Every one of our Experience Boxes thus includes a handy, easy-to-use viewer that will take you on a unique journey through the region of your choice. 

Piedmont’s rolling hills, the sun-steeped vineyards of Tuscany and golden fields of Sicily… Where would you like to go?

A box with a view

A veritable Immersive Experience, compelling and perceptually enriched, taking users on an exclusive, multisensory journey as they savor Italy’s culture, unique craftsmanship and regional specialties. 

A slice of Italy in each Box: Places and people, traditions and terroirs, scents, sensations and sceneries. An ancient heritage that lives on in style.

A labor of love.


Treasure chests that hold the finest ingredients for a variety of traditional Italian dishes, each Box coming with the corresponding recipe and instructions, the ideal wine to pair the dish with, and our very own Ventuno VR Tour Viewer – for a multisensory journey that will see you explore the Peninsula region by region, gaining precious insight into Italy’s heritage, lifestyle and local wine & food specialties.


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