VENTUNO is a new way to share the passion for food, merging Italian food and wine excellence to satisfy your palate, immersed in Italian style to delight your eyes.
VENTUNO is a journey to discover the flavours of each of the 20 Italian Regions, plus one: one Special Edition box that will include a selection of products from each Region telling the story of our Country’s uniqueness.

At VENTUNO you can find Italian tradition, culture and style as you know them: the attention for details, the beauty of a set table, the quality of good food. At the same time, it is the ideal place to visit charming landscapes and to experience the joy sharing.

VENTUNO with its elegant Experience Regional Boxes made of handcrafted wood, wants to tell a story of Italian food and wine traditions. Inside each box you can find a selection of beautifully packaged artisanal products for each Italian Region ready for sharing with your family and friends.

Our boxes are created to give you a unique experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. They are designed to represent three main moments of the Italian day: the joy of an aperitif, the enchantment of dinner (or lunch), the whimsy of a dessert. In each box you’ll find the best products harmoniously combined to create a magic atmosphere. Our goal, in fact, is to give you an experience of Italian Regional excellence to the highest level.

Thanks to VENTUNO you can live a real Italian experience comfortably seated at home, discovering the specialities of each Italian Region suitable for different moments of your day.

VENTUNO shares with you its passion for food and wine, which are not only life’s greatest pleasures but also the best (and most delicious) way to discover the culture of our beautiful Country.