Our Project

VENTUNO starts with the dream of Ines di Franco who, thanks to an important experience abroad, became an expert and lover of high-quality enogastronomic products. Her main goal is to let the “international foodies” know and let accessible for them the enogastronomic peculiarity of the Italian regions, even for the most demanding who look for a more extensive experience linked to the Italian culture and lifestyle.

Ines tells: “I realized that people were interested in Italian cuisine when I was running a restaurant in Paris: I was literally overwhelmed by the requests of my clients who were demanding for products of the niche Italian market that I made available in the restaurant I worked for. Little by little the restaurant become a enogastronomic boutique!”

Valentina Di Franco , Vogue Italia marketing manager and Ines’ sister, adds a fashion signature to the project: a handicraft design box in wood.

G2 Startup”, the Milan accelerator, join immediately the project as it saw the validity of Ventuno for the niche product selection, for the packaging selection and for the matches of the products studied for the different consumption moments.

This is the start of the research of excellent products and possible trade partners and, with signing of first agreements, starts also the interest of investors that let new experienced shareholders and financial shareholders enter into the project.