Italy is not one but it is made by 20 regions: each one has its own history, its typical products, its dishes and its traditions sometimes very different among them!
It goes from the food of the Alpine communities to that of the Mediterranean islands, from the traditions of the Po Valley to the peasant roots of Apulia, from the gastronomic history of Naples influenced by the French “monsu” chefs to the European influence in north-east cuisine … in a Melting-pot with extraordinary results.
In addition, Italy can boast an impressive climatic and agronomic variety with its plains and lakes, rolling hills and snowy peaks, miles of varied coasts.
But it is not just the multifaceted territory to influence culinary traditions with its richness and biodiversity!
It is the story itself of the country that fights between the Municipalities, the Counties and the Grand Duchies, all the foreign domination from Europe and the Middle East that forged traditions and cultures that change from region to region, province to province, village to village.
Artusi himself recognizes in the Italian cuisine influences from the cuisine of ancient Greece and Byzantine, Hebrew, Arab and Norman cuisines …
Knowing Italian food means starting a real path of discovery and knowledge of new flavors that cross the boot area, giving you always different gastronomic experiences.
Select the Region from which to start “your journey” between the tastes of an authentic and excellent Italy: you can give yourself, or those who you want, the authentic experience of the gastronomic excellence of that land.
There are three different boxes for each region: each of them is characterized by its more typical products and from those more closely related to its tradition. These products are carefully searched and matched to make you create the appetizer, dinner or dessert you want, just as you could taste them in the chosen region.


This Region is a melting pot of different peoples; it is rich in traditions dating back thousands of years and is full of recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next…. Read more


An extended region, the so-called “boot helmet”. A genuine, cheerful and lively region. The regional cuisine of Apulia is linked to its traditional peculiarities; therefore, it is simple, rustic and without too much frills. It is a careful reading…. Read more