The Caponata and her Noble Purple Lady.

Perfect for appetizers – both winter and summer appetizers – starters and a side of meat or fish.

The real masterpiece. The Queen of the traditional flavors of Sicily. The accompaniment by definition. The Grandma’s recipe par excellence. The Caponata is the Sicilian gastronomy war-horse with an unmistakable, bittersweet and marked flavor. It is versatile and you can taste it as a starter, together with the “bread cu la giuggiulena” (a traditional Sicilian bread based on sesame seeds) or with some simply croutons. Some people prefere to taste it as a side, but if you love eggplants this is one of the most famous recipes you can do with them.

Historically, Caponata was based on fish, precisely with the Capone (hence the name of the recipe), a finest fish eaten in the most noble families; then, the fish has been repleced by an eggplant: a noble Purple Lady among vegetables and it is often one the main ingredient of Sicilian recipes.

It is certain that the Caponata is the most popular among the uses of eggplants. Partners of the Noble lady are ingredients like: green olives, tomato sauce, celery, carrots, capers, wine vinegar, sugar, onion, extra virgin olive oil, basil, salt and oregano. Of course, these are all ingredients that are always on the Sicilian tables. The Caponata is made with a selection of vegetables cut in big pieces, rendered crispy with a tentalizing frying and, finally, blended and flavored with a bittersweet sauce that makes it creamy and smooth, giving to the palate a sophisticated taste.


So, I decide to go out and pick up the fundamental ingridents that are in my beloved ochard, then I look for the other ingredients I need from the finest greengrocers and I run into the famous Grandma’s Anne recipe, hoping to succeed in identically replicate her bittersweet, harmonious and not excessive mixture.

And… I wake up. I was dreaming the Caponata, but I am in the city and the ochard is so far.

But… WHAT A JOY! I’ve just recived the Box “Joy – Sicilian Appetizer” of VENTUNO, maybe is this that made me dream. Therefore, in this wonderful spring day, I will serve a Sicilian appetizer on my welcoming table.

Inside the box, among the other delicacies, there is my beloved Caponata. The excellent Eggplants Caponata produced by Segreti di Sicilia can preserve all the properties and the natural flavorings, giving to the palate the unmistakable taste tha only the Caponata can give.

So I set up my Sicilian appetizer on my table made in wicker and, together with my hosts, I wait for summer, and the dream comes true.

The special Eggplant Caponata Segreti di Sicilia is available in the Box Sicily “Joy Appetizer”.