Happy Christmas with the ancient Sicilian traditions at the table

Christmas finally has come; we all need some rest and time to spend with family and friends. In Italy the best way to celebrate this period is at the table, sharing loads of good food chatting and laughing.

Especially in Sicily, you can experience the meaning of opulence so if you want to spice up your Christmas you have to come to Italy or at least taste the recipes of the Sicilian Christmas tradition.

Christmas Eve: the feast of seven fishes

Understand the particular atmosphere of the Christmas season requires to explore the many beautiful Sicilian cities, looking at the twinkling lights, enjoying the festive decorations and admiring the glorious culture embraced by a very typical party atmosphere.

You can visit Palermo and its beauties, the historic town of Monreale, famous for its mosaics, or view the traditional nativity scenes in the heart of some of the many beautiful villages.

But if you want discover the real Sicilian soul you need to have a tasting of Sicily’s mouthwatering festive treat and participate to a Christmas Eve dinner.

It is tradition that the Sicilians (and many Italians) have a seven fishes dinner on Christmas Eve. Some think that each fish represents a day of the week, others that the tradition came from the abstinence of eating meat on Fridays and specified holy days.

Each family is different and choose the fishes based on availability; normally seafood is abundant, but you can find also eel and stockfish. Nowadays the dishes and the types of fish served for La Vigilia are dictated by geography. In the north Italy for example, around Lake Como, it is easy to find large trout,  that are only fished during the holiday season.

Midnight Mass follows the Christmas Eve dinner and it made sense for Italians, who love food, to spend the time eating while waiting for Mass.

Fun facts about number 7

Do you know that seven is a significant number? Some think it is a magic number: seven are the sacraments, the virtues and the deadly sins. There are seven hills of Rome, the dance of seven veils, seven days of the week, according to Islam seven is the number of the perfection, Chakras are seven… and I could continue always and forever.

How to have a traditional Christmas Day lunch

Only classic dishes will do on Christmas Day. So we’ve put together a Sicilian traditional menu to wish you a very Merry Christmas, made of good vibes, delicious food and loads of love.


Baked ricotta

Lampascioni in oil

Caponata – roasted peppers in oil


Pasta with caper and anchovy Sauce

Main courses

Sicilian meat rolls


Almond mousse

Cassata – a kind of cheese cake made of ricotta and candied fruits


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