Password: excellence with style

Ventuno is the perfect place for those who are looking for a new way to share the passion for food and are looking for excellence and style in food.

Let’s start a trip to discover the flavors of twenty Italian regions, plus one. The 21st region, the Special Edition, the “Special Region”, the daughter of Italy, The Italy that is far from stereotypes, to discover new flavors and colors.

VENTUNO is the ideal place where Italian tradition and culture are, together with the Italian style you love: a warm welcome and the attention for details, the excitement for a set table, the beauty and the colors of a land and the passion for good food.

VENTUNO is the ideal place where you can see the beauty of a landscape and the thrill of the sharing.

VENTUNO is also a mood: it is the enchantment of living a journey seated comfortably at home, testing and transforming particular flavors and colors with your own style all over the world to live unforgettable moments.

VENTUNO wants to be the expression of the Italian culture and gastronomic tradition with a Gourmet Box, distinctive and elegant, where you can find the food excellences of every Italian region.

Last but not least, the beauty of the design box made in wood by an Italian craftsman and the particular aspect and the elegance of some products will empower the experience with VENTUNO reaching thus the highest level of excellence.

You will feel cuddled by the products carefully conceived to follow your moods during the day and the different occasions for consumption.

The boxes are designed to represent three main moments of your day: the joy of the appetizer; the enchantment of the dinner (or lunch); the whimsy of dessert. Inside you will find the best products put harmoniously together and mixed to let you live an unforgettable experience.

We pursue the excellency even for the most demanding client seeks not only a high-quality product but also a valuable product rich in tradition and passion. A product which tells the stories and the traditions of many Italian producers.

Thanks to VENTUNO you can live an Italian experience without taking an airplane: with Ventuno’s boxes, you can discover the specialties of the Italian regions matched to go with the different moments of your day.

Ventuno shares with you the passion for food, which is not only a pleasure of life but also the best way to discover the culture of a Country.