Modican Chocolate. Pure bitter, sweet and slightly salty.

Of Aztec origin born from a special cold processing, presenting itself different from any other type of chocolate and is distinguished by its typicity.

The “Ciucculata Muricana”, so that Modica Chocolate is called in the local dialect. t is distinguished by its typicalness in terms not only of quality of ingredients but also of particular preparation. It is characterized and features the city that transmits its name: Modica. A chocolate different from all others, it is not the common chocolate but Modica’s Chocolate: so different to both the eye and the palate. In fact, to the eye it has a terrestrial appearance of opaque black with some light brown veins with tiny bubbles of air here and there; on the palate it is rough, crumbly and granular, a bitter paste that blends with sugar crystals, giving a slightly salty flavor. Organoleptic aspects that allegorically recall its own Modica, with its stacked houses born from porous rock walls on dark streets contorted by some twisted bell to baroque churches. Their intimate relationship is also underlined by two important awards: Modica has for some time been declared UNESCO World Heritage and its Chocolate, with its typical flavor and its peculiarities, has become a confectionery product of international fame recognized as a Traditional Agri-Food Product. The singularity of its flavor and its appearance make it unmatched and are preserved over time thanks to the observance of a recipe dating back to the 18th century. Handed down first by the laboriousness of the nun of the monasteries and young girls of the noble families as the sweet of the commemorated parties, it was then raised to the heritage of the City of Modica and defining its integrity and typicality. Just like a whim within the Sicilian Box “Capriccio Dolce”, between almond paste biscuits, pistachio crisp and wine “Passito”, there are and can be taste some of the creations dedicated to the modican chocolate of the renowned producer Donna Elvira. Precisely Pure Chocolate N°2 and Pure Chocolate N°3, two tablets of the square size of Pure Chocolate part of a tasting box of four tablets, starting with a percentage of cocoa (72%), comes to a dark chocolate with added milk. But they are not alone, in fact always Donna Elvira is also Modica Chocolate at the Miroir Salt of Bolivia which, like a lingotto, thanks to its size, gives the palate a rich and tasty flavor. Through Modican Chocolate, you can enjoy a tasting journey of excellent flavors that retraces ancient memories of stories, traditions, recipes, streets, deep roots with the City of Modica that are brought to memory and handed down as an unforgettable gift and that intertwine and feed each other over time as a match of loving senses.