Ventuno: Place to Taste

Select the Region from which to start “your journey” between the tastes of an authentic and excellent Italy and give you, or those who you want, the unique experience of a ticket-free trip.


There are three different boxes for each region – each is characterized by typical products from a specific area, which have been carefully selected and combined to help you create the appetizer, dinner or dessert you desire, just as you’d be able to enjoy it region you’ve chosen.



This Region is a melting pot of different peoples; it is rich in traditions dating back thousands of years and is full of recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next, even in literature, which is an integral part of the culture of the island. There are so many specialties that have deep roots in very small “pockets” of the region; these specialties are so closely tied to local ingredients and specific cooking methods, that once you leave that particular area, you can no longer find them anywhere else on the island.


Among the most important pleasures in Sicilian culture, beyond the family, friendship and the sea, there is the kitchen as an indispensable tradition, a fundamental part of the culture of this Earth.

The flavors of Sicily, a warm land with a thousand faces and fragrances, project us, through a journey through time, in the culture of a past that has interpreted the various culinary arts of the various peoples who dominated it and who have also left the impression In the gastronomy of the Island, making it, in its mix of flavors and scents, consistent with its own territory: Sweet but salty and sweet; Poor, but with strong and varied tastes; Simple but revolutionary and, often, very mysterious.


Discover the flavors of Sicily and let it linger by its various faces and traditions.



An extended region, the so-called “boot helmet”. A genuine, cheerful and lively region. The regional cuisine of Apulia is linked to its traditional peculiarities; therefore, it is simple, rustic and without too much frills. It is a careful reading, a perfect paraphrase of its own territory. The Apulia’s cuisine includes a mix of specialties from land and sea, with flavors that caress the palate along with the slow rhythms of the seasons. The high quantity of raw material and the will to alter as little as possible the flavors of the ingredients, create a noble, genuine and never repetitive cuisine. Rich in new and surprising combinations and tastes.

Apulia is the granary of Italy, and it is one of the major producer of pasta and bread in Italy. You don’t have to underestimate the rich vegetable production, another fundamental element of Apulian cuisine. Apulia is also a land of sea and pulls on fish and crustacean networks, specialized in raw and Italian-style sushi (Italian-style). All Apulian dishes are flavored with Olive Oil which, with its intense and fruity flavor, is indispensable in any table and it is at the center of every recipe.