Apulia contains many souls and it is known as the “heel of Italy’s boot”. It as a charming region that you can visit all year round: there you can find archaeology (It was first colonized by Mycenaean Greeks), ancient history, spirituality and, of course, loads of delicious food to taste.

For a full immersion in history and traditions a visit of Alberobello is a must: the village of the trulli will enchant you. To find marvellous beaches and light blue sea, go from the sandy Torre dell’Orso and Porto Cesareo to the rocky Riviera of Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca. If you are looking for virgin nature, explore Gargano’s wild Umbra forest, its salt pans and lakes.

The Apulian cuisine includes a mix of specialities from land and sea, with flavours that caress the palate along with the slow rhythms of the seasons. The great quantity of raw ingredients and the determination to not alter their flavours, create a noble, genuine and never repetitive cuisine. It is rich in new and surprising combinations and tastes.

Apulia is one of the most important maker of products made from wheat and for this reason it is called Italy’s granary. The most famous Apulian product is the extra virgin olive oil; it has a strong and fruity flavour: the best way to taste it is on a slice of durum wheat bread. Which is the unique one? Lampascioni, for sure!

Close your eyes and prepare to take a voyage into the flavors of Apulia


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