The regions of Italy

Italy is made by 20 regions and each has its own history, its typical products, its dishes and its traditions. Thanks to the climatic and agronomic variety and to the many influences from other cuisine, it is an extraordinary melting-pot of flavours.
The richness and biodiversity above all is due to the history: Pellegrino Artusi (the most important Italian writer, gourmet and author of a famous recipes book dated 1891) recognized in the Italian cuisine influences of ancient Greek and Byzantine, Jewish, Arab and Norman cuisines.
Important changes for the Italian cuisine arrived when America was discovered: new ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes, corn and peppers enriched the recipes.

Italian cooking is simple and the recipes are often got from grandmothers, who can create delicious dishes using only few ingredients.
Many regional recipes nowadays are known in whole Italy, but to taste the original and tastier one you have to visit the place where it was born or order our products, that will bring to your home some delicious typical tastes and make you able to experience the Italian gastronomic excellence.

In our shop you can find three different boxes for each region: aperitif, dinner/lunch and dessert. Each product is carefully selected and matched to make you able create the dishes you want as if you were in that region.


Sicily is rich in ancient traditions and it is full of recipes handed down from one generation to another, even trough literature, which is an important part of the island culture. Read more


Apulia contains many souls and it is known as the “heel od Italy’s boot”. Ita as a charming region that you can visit all year round: there you can find archaeology (It was first colonized by Mycenaean Greeks), ancient hystory, spirituality and, of course, loads of delicious food to taste.  Read more