5 Italian New Year’s Eve traditions: the best way to greet the new is coming

New Year is coming, Saturn is going to transit through other houses after three years, and we are all ready to greet the new is coming. But do you know what are the Italian traditions to celebrate New Year, attracting wealth and banishing bad luck? Follow me in this 5 points to learn how to draw only good things.

Red Underwear

It is believed that wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve helps to bring luck in the coming year. Red is a powerful colour, full of energy, and this is also the colour of fertility; so those hoping to conceive in the following year also wear red.

Eat the right dishes

As you know, food in Italy is very important. Especially during the Christmas season. So according to the tradition you need to eat some special dishes during the New Years’ Eve dinner.

The most common dish is cotechino: a big pork sausage that’s boiled over low heat for about four hours before serving. It is combined with lentils, symbolising good luck and prosperity. In North of Italy you can find also the risotto, rice in fact represents coins.

In the end, it is necessary to eat 10 grapes during the final countdown before midnight. It is said to take great willpower to conserve some grapes from the harvest until New Year’s Eve; this indicates that everyone at the table will be wise and frugal with their newfound wealth.

Give gifts

To ensure a sweet New Year, ancient Romans gave each other jars of fruits in honey, along with a bay branch for good fortune. Nowadays in Naples people still exchange figs wrapped in laurel leaves.

Fire up the Christmas log

Another tradition is to fire up the Christmas log on the last day of the year. It helps to push away evil spirits. You can light up a candle as an alternative.

Smash old pots and forget past bad luck

To banish previous bad luck, particularly in southern Italy, there’s an attitude of out with the old and in with the new; so old pots and pans, clothes or any old and unwanted items are thrown from upstairs windows. This act is a preparation for a favourable future letting go of past unhappiness.

Similarly, in some parts of North of Italy, it’s customary to banish malignant auras by smashing crockery outside the front of your house.

Now you are ready to greet the New Year, that will be more tasty with our delicacies.

Happy New Year!